A Personal Journey

An interactive module directed to doctors. The intention is to develop disease state awareness and the role of peripheral neuropathy in the treatment of multiple myeloma.

A Personal Journey: My Treatment for MM
Engaging doctors in the typical story of a Multiple Myeloma patient
In this unbranded interaction our audience follows a patient with Multiple Myeloma as he posts the progress of his treatment on his personal blog. The intention is to tug at the heartstrings of our audience (oncologists, Endos, PCPs) and introduce to them some of the challenges that patients are, for the most part, unwilling to share with their doctors.
Alan's fifth blog entry

Alan is having trouble staying with therapy. His MM has not progressed, but he's experiencing the rapid onset of peripheral neuropathy. The quality of his day to day life is suffering and he is beginning to question if there are other treatment plans out there that will not leave him so disabled.
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